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To Stage Or Not To Stage?

Had a friend ask me this question a couple days ago; does staging make a big difference? Would it help it sell faster and for more money?

The simple answer is YES.

A staged home can make a massive difference to the amount of time it spends on the market and ultimately what it ends up selling for.

When buyers walk into a home that's staged, they get to see that property in its best possible light. 

Not only is it clean and inviting, they get a great idea of how it "could" look. And if there's one thing for certain abiout most buyers, it's that the way they see the porerty "today", is how they are going to get it.

This is why bright and flashy paint colours can be a turn off for a lot of buyers. We know that all it takes is some paint and patience to change a wall colour, but when a buyer sees a bright orange wall, that's how they think it's going to be forever.

Staging isn't cheap, but it's the pay now or pay later mentality. Pay now and end up selling quicker for more money, or pay later when you don't get the amount you were hoping for when you sell.

Every Realtor can provide some sort of staging service. Some will pay for all of it up front, some will ask to split the cost with the home owner and some will have the home owner pay for it themselves.

To stage a traditional three bedroom bungalow for a month is usually around +/- $1,500.

It can be more or less depending on whether all the bedrooms need furniture or not.

Sometimes, all that's needed is new accessories. The home stager can take your existing furniture and re arrange it so make the property look and feel as big and open as possible. Then, just add artwork and accessories to de personalize things and make it look ready for any buyer!

This is significantly cheaper so definitely something to consider!

Last tip, when the home stager comes to evaluate your space, don't take anything they say personally. They're are not attacking your interior design skills. They are just trying to get your property to appeal to the largest number of buyers out there.

Happy Friday!

- Nico

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