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What's a Neighbourhood Spotlight?

Picture this..

You're driving home from work and see a "For Sale" sign on your neighbours lawn.

That's exciting! Well, kind of..

You've come to really like the "Smiths" who live down the street. You see them occasionally and throw them a wave. It's a simple relationship.

You get home and jump on the computer to pull up the listing. After all, you want to see if they've done any renovations over the years!

You pull up the listing and see the price, look through the pictures and go about your evening business.

A few weeks go by and you see a "Sold" tag hanging from the sign!

That was quick you thought! Good for them!

Later that week you see Mr. Smith outside shovelling. 

"Congrats on the sale!" you yell from the car.

"Thanks!" he replies. "We got over asking price, too!"

"That's awesome, we'll miss ya!" you say and continue driving home.

Later that night, you can't stop thinking about Mr. Smith saying they got over asking price for their home.

"Should we sell our house?" you think. "I know our house is just as nice if not nicer than theirs..'

Two months go by and you decide, let's do it! Let's list out home..

You invite a professional Realtor® over to give you some tips on how you can get the most amount of money for your house, how the process works and also, the important part, what it's worth!

He begins showing you some similar homes that have sold nearby until he pulls up the Smiths home..

"This home sold for $15,000 below list price." he says.

"That can't be right, Mr. Smith told me they received an offer over asking!"

"Hmm" the Realtor® says... "It says right here it sold for $15,000 under asking.."

Doesn't this change everything. 

"Well we wouldn't have decided to sell had we known that!" you say frustrated...


Can you see where I'm going with this?..

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Spotlight is not just to be able to call BS on your neighbour when their home sells for less than they tell you, it's so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the market! It's so you know what's happening around you so you can make an educated decision on when and if to sell.

This service is FREE!

Anytime a home nearby sells, you get the listing sent to you which includes all the information I get as a Realtor®. 

Pictures, specs, upgrades but most importantly the PRICE.

I'd love for you to sign up.

All I need is your email and home address.

It's that simple!

Click HERE to sign up now

- Nico

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